We’re back in Virgin Gorda BVIs.

We’re anchored in yet another spectacular bay just off Sir Richard Bransons Necker Island. We have been here before, only this time we are the ONLY yacht here and it’s perfect that way!

After a great day in the water we decided to have dinner on the beach…it was a full moon so all we needed was food, us and the desire to explore!

After walking the entire deserted beach we found some useful things for Pierina that had been strewn around after hurricane Irma had left her destruction last year.

The kids came back with some goodies, including a good fender and a mask and snorkel and wanted to know whether we should call Sir Branson to inform him that the roof to one of his gazebos on Necker Island was now half buried in the sand over here?!!!


Necker Island in the background.

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