Little did I know that we were raising little sailors!

Since Mojo (our sailing dinghy) joined us the kids have spent hours and hours in her.

In some ways, she’s the boat kids’  version of a bike…it’s fun to ride and it gets them around the neighbourhood!

Sometimes, once school is finished, they rig her up and just want to go out and sail around and they’re enjoying learning how to sail her better. Other times they go out for the afternoon with friends and race each other around the anchorage. Yet other times, it’s purely a mode of transport to get to their friends boats to play together.

One thing for sure is that I never envisioned I’d be raising little sailors!…and we’re really happy that it isn’t something we have been urging them to do…it’s what THEY want to do.

They’ve been learning how to rig her, how to get her on and off the mothership, how to care and look after her and most importantly (to them), how to make her go faster!

It’s funny though, because when we are surrounded by other kid boats, it’s almost always Mackenzie that wants to take Mojo out but when we have times when there are no other kid boats around, then Sienna will happily join him!

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