They saw it…they lost it…we found it again…we lost it again…they finally caught it again… and brought it home with so much pride…but then in all that excitement I forgot to photograph it!

Sometimes catching dinner is a planned event and sometimes it’s really impromptu!

This particular time was so unexpected. The kids and I went our for a snorkel while Tim stayed home to do some boat work. The water was great with good visibility so we swam around for a good hour and were about to head back home when Mackenzie (aka the great white hunter) spotted some dinner hiding amongst some coral. Sienna went down to investigate and needless to say, the hunt was on!

They had spotted a Lionfish which is a delicious tasting fish but also a good fish to target. Lion fish feast on the juvenile fish which help to protect the reefs but they have no known predators and are said to be causing havoc in the Caribbean so it’s a good thing for us to try to fish for them though we need to be careful as they’re venomous!

Only problem was…how to catch it? The only way for that to happen is with a spear…which was back on Pierina so we jumped in the dinghy and hooned it back to grab the spear.

What ensued was the funniest fishing we’ve done! We were all trying to spot it and line up a shoot but kept missing it! at one point, we thought we’d lost our dinner…but finally Mac speared it!!!…only to find that 30 seconds later it fell off the spear!!! The kids scrambled to try to spear it again which took some time as well as some frantic swimming by me to make sure it didn’t get too close to the kids!!

So they finally caught it again, swam over to me in the dinghy, expecting me to be brave and grab it from them…but no way…that thing was scarring me big time!

After too much laughing, screaming and general chaos, they got the Lionfish into the dinghy and off we headed to brag to Dad about our little adventure!

Who’d have thought that catching dinner could be so much fun!

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