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Nudity…It’s a funny thing isnt it?

We humans all have the same pieces to the puzzle that makes up our bodies. Yet, in our society, being nude is generally a taboo thing. However, in this cruising world, were finding that it’s not always very taboo. In fact, if you’ve ever anchored near a French flagged sailing boat (which we do regularly) you will totally understand when I say “don’t look too closely!” But I can’t say it’s just the French, because it’s also other nationalities.

Some people just LOVE to flaunt their skin! and I guess, they are doing it in the privacy of their own home, it just happens to be a home without high fences and always too close to not notice them!

We sailed to Orient Beach on the north east coast of St Martin and I have to say, if you’re ever up for a holiday at a Nudist resort…Orient Beach would be a great choice!!

Amazing, amazing, crystal clear water and a bright gorgeous beach that, at the moment, isn’t very crowded…only 2 rows of beach umbrellas and a couple of bars to feed and water you…and lots and lots and lots of skin…
Can’t say it’s my cup of tea…I like our nudity in a MUCH less public way. The worst part for me is that I can’t help laughing!  And that laughter comes out loud before I even know it. As soon as I see those saggy things hanging and bouncing around..it’s just weird. And really funny. And usually not pretty.

Plus, why is it that there’s never any ‘hot young dudes or chicks’???

Bit of a warning…DON”T zoom in!!