Our time in St Barths was fantastic mainly because it revolved around friends but also because we were there during the St Barths Bucket, which is an annual sailing race for super yachts. We’d spent time exploring the island with some cruiser friends, caught up with some yachting friends who used to live near us in Italy and generally lapped up the atmosphere that is St Barths.

The St Barths Bucket is a 4 day event where some of the most beautiful sailing super yachts in the world compete each year. Because of that, the harbour of Gustavia is filled with some breathtakingly luxurious sailing yachts.

Although we didn’t plan it, we happened to be there while the St Barths Bucket was on.

It’s great to have friends in high places right? We just happen to have good friends who are the Captain and Chef on the gorgeous ‘Rosehearty’, which is a 56 metre racing super yacht built by Bennetti.

Rosehearty was competing in the St Barths Bucket and we were lucky enough to be invited to spend the day on their chase boat to watch the race up close!
So again, we landed in the lap of luxury for the day.

The chase boat is longer than our boat!
They don’t realise how lucky they are!

I felt really lucky to be in a place where we could watch these beautiful, huge yachts spread their wings and fly along. They would hoist their spinnakers, crew perched all along their edges while heeling, all vying for first position and it felt like we were watching a movie, only we could feel the wind and sun and hear the whir of the sails when we got up close to them. It was so exhilarating to be out there amongst it all.

We were at the start line for the beginning of the race and then we followed them until we veered off for a short while. We anchored in a small bay on the tiny island of Il Fourchue, just off St Barths. With clear, blue water surrounding us yet again, we snorkelled and swam a little before heading back to watch the final leg of the race. 

I love that this life brings us some unexpected adventures. Who gets to experience what it’s like to be on a super yacht or what it’s like to be on a chase boat in a sailing race for super yachts …unless you’re the millionaire and its YOUR super yacht!?

We were lucky to be in the right place at the right time. But mainly, it was the fact that we have some very kind and generous friends who are super crew on super yachts that made it happen for us!

Forever grateful to the Captain and crew of Rosehearty xx

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