Fallen Jerusalem BVI’s.


I’m not sure why, but we skipped Fallen Jerusalem last year and instead, went straight to The Baths but I am SO pleased that we stopped here this time.

It’s a tiny, deserted island that is full of huge, beautiful boulders all surrounded by crystal clear, beautiful water…what’s not to like? Call me weird, but I just LOVE big boulders! Since I was a kid I would spot one and immediately try to climb it…there’s something about climbing that I just like! I’m not sure if it’s the dizzying heights, the scary “hope I don’t slip” thoughts or just the sheer beauty of them, but I can’t seem to keep away from them.

So we spent the arvo climbing, ducking, hiding, sliding, jumping and generally playing around them…and to make it all that more special…we were the ONLY people here!

All I can say is…WOW…What a place!


Tags : beauty