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Girls trip to Barbados…for passport renewals!
As much as we love this cruising life there are times where landlife is much more desirable. Those times where you can just pick up the phone and arrange something or jump in your car and duck into ‘Woollies’ for something…but no, that immediate gratification doesn’t exist in our current world!
So when we found that we needed to renew passports it meant a flight to Barbados to be interviewed by an Australian Consul there and then a 3 week wait (with baited breathe as you’re never sure if mail will actually get to you in the Caribbean??).

It also equated to HAVING to spend a shedload of money to get the job done…always a downer!

The upside is that we got to go on a girls trip to Barbados…there are worse places right?!

So Sienna and I spent a couple of days roaming around this glorious island, sitting up straight and being oh so polite in the Consuls office, building sandcastles on a glorious beach and lots of cuddles and snuggles with NO BOYS!!!

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